Renovation Sale – Fruits & Veggies 50% off

UntitledOnly 1 more day until we kick off our Renovation Sales Event! We are so excited to get this sales event underway and bring you our biggest sale in 25 years! Save big with below wholesale pricing!

Here is today’s sneak peek! 

So what’s on sale, you ask?? Take a look…

renovation sale 2 copy 2 copyToday we are highlighting..renovation sale highlight fruits veggiesIMG_0827IMG_0829IMG_0828Don’t forget about your kitchen! Fruit, vegetables and berries are all great design staples for your dining room and kitchen. We have a great selection artificial produce that is realistic and vibrant in color! Stock up on all your favorites during our Renovation Sales Event for 50% off all Fruits, Vegetables, and Berries!!

fruit veggies1 fruit veggies2

renovation sale 2Spread the word, tell your family and friends that Designer Flower Center is open to the Public and having a Huge Renovation Sales Event! Get together and come by on Saturday to help us kick off the Sales Event!! Make a day of it, filled with fun shopping and great sales!!

Untitled 3


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