A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Take a trip down memory lane with DFC’s newly designed showroom. A lot of customers who have already come in to see the showroom are really loving the look and feel of our new product! It takes them back to simpler times, family memories, and when life went along at a much slower pace. This new look has great character, warmth and is full of life’s little imperfections!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for news and details about our Showroom Unveiling, coming soon!
pardon the dust copy 2set1With all of this talk about the new direction we are going in, we also wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten where we came from! We still carry a great selection of silks and artificial florals, as well as our HUGE inventory of ribbon! We are still your top choice for home, wedding, and event decor and more!
Untitled 2 2

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