Seasonal Changes Have Begun!

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa and Dean returned from their buying trip in Atlanta with tons of inspiration, excited to get started on planning our seasonal showroom layout! We got right to work and completely transformed the showroom! If you have not been in for a couple of week, you will definitely notice all the great changes we have made. We moved and switched displays, creating new areas that are sure to inspire you! Just take a look at some of these pictures featuring our finished product…but to really experience the big transformation, you must come in for the full effect!!setup1Everyone was working hard…we moved most of the showroom around all in ONE DAY! The team did such a great job!!!
set5A lot of our customers have really loved this particular change…some of them had not even noticed our gorgeous furniture pieces the way they were displayed before. Now it is right in the middle of our showroom, it’s open and really visible…a great focal point of our store!
set4 set6 set7This kitchen display is a personal favorite…who wouldn’t love to have a cozy dinning area just like this one?!
set3Fall and Halloween are around the corner…already??!! It sure is, here at DFC! We’ve unpacked, unwrapped, and opened last year’s and brand new Fall and Halloween foliage, pumpkins, witches, and more! It’s fun, festive, and the the right touch of inspiration and creativity to get you ready for the big transition into the holiday season!
set1 set2

Untitled 2

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