Brenda Allison Art

We have exciting news!  Designer Flower Center has teamed up with local artist Brenda Allison and is  featuring her art in our showroom!  Her beautiful paintings  add vibrant color and character to the walls of our displays.  Each one is unique in it’s own way and we are sure you will find the perfect piece for any room of your house.

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Arist Statement

“ART…Bold, Strong and Edgy


In order to continue living, I have to dream and be creative!

In elementary school I got in trouble for day dreaming and drawing on my math papers. In middle school art classes were discovered. I survived the basic three R’s, thinking about the next art class. High school was more of the same; I often had more art classes than academic classes. In college, I majored in interior design. It was creative and would provide a living. Interior design and later event design is still my mainstay.
When my children were little, I discovered watercolors and started classes again. As the children grew, my art supplies were traded for housekeeping chores, room mother, cupcakes and my design business–more than a fair trade. As family demands lessened, I found myself visiting Allard’s Art Supply Store and I found my passion again.
What’s interesting about getting older and rediscovering yourself is that art and creativity now come without fear, thus a stronger artist. I find that it’s fun to experiment with odd elements in my paintings, from dripping candle wax on canvas or mixing sand in my paint. Dreaming up new combinations of materials and textures are always waiting to be discovered. An empty canvas talks to me and draws me into endless possibilities.
With paint on my hands and clothes,


Brenda Allison”





Untitled 2

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