Designer Flower Center Social Media [INSTAGRAM]

This week’s post will be all about Instagram.  Designer Flower Center recently (within the last 5 months) set up an Instagram account and has had some pretty great success.  This blog post will cover a few terms used with instagram, what instagram is and how we think you can be successful using this great social media tool!

Instagram is an app that you use on your smart phone.  You can go to the instagram site on your computer but you cannot upload and post photos from there.  Instagram is kind of like facebook but the sole purpose of instagram is to post your photos and use those awesome filters they have to make you photos really pop!  Below is a screenshot of what instagram looks like on the computer.

Instagram screenshot

And here is a photo of a screenshot of what Instagram looks like on a smart phone.

instagram phone screen shot

When uploading a photo onto Instagram they give you space to add a caption under your photo.  Think of something catchy to say under your photo and after wards think of as many “hashtags” you can think of!  A  Hashtag  is the “#” sign and then a word.  A Hashtag makes your photos more searchable on Instagram which means you will get more exposure and more “Likes”.

For Example, If I were going to post a photo of  a Christmas Display I would look at the display and think of as many words as I can to describe it.

#Christmas #Display #MerryChristmas #Merchandising #Red #Green #Santa #holiday

… and so on and so forth…

TIP: When writing up your hashtags, make sure you leave no spaces in-between words,

example Merry Christmas would be typed as #MerryChristmas (no space!)

Also, don’t forget to “Like” other peoples photo’s too!  Let others know you like what you see!

We would love to see your photos! snap a photo of your DFC product in use or your completed project, post it on instagram and use the hashtag #DFCFRESNO so we can see it!  Also, if you follow us, we will follow you back!  Isn’t social media awesome!?

You can “Follow” us on Instagram by searching DFCFRESNO

If you guys have any questions about Instagram either comment below or message us on facebook and we will do our best to help you out! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 😉  We will continue our Social Media segment next week!

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