Huge After Christmas Sale Event

Think outside of the Big Box Store! Come shop with your family and friends, support local small business, and avoid the high stress, high anxiety hustle and bustle of those big retail stores. Shop leisurely with convenient parking, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a hot cup of coffee. Have a happy After Christmas shopping experience, while saving on unique and high quality product that you will enjoy for years to come!
after xmas2Fotor122310445 Fotor122310517 Fotor1223104649All Christmas Trees 40% off! Garlands and wreaths are now 50% off! Our trees, garlands, and wreaths are known for their top quality, realistic, lush pine look that is hard to fine elsewhere! DFC has been selling pine for over 25 years we know what you’re looking for in great quality holiday decor.  It’s a great time to save for next year and years to come!

Fotor1223104728 Fotor1223104834 Fotor1223105247These gorgeous Nativity Scenes and Plush Santas are majestic and really capture the essence of Christmas. They are uniquely special and can be cherished by loved ones who come to your home to celebrate the holidays! Hurry in now for 40% off…quantities are limited!
IMG_1784IMG_1787 IMG_1789 IMG_1795This hand crafted ribbon mesh wreath is ever so popular! Come in for this After Christmas Special! Originally $100, now $25!! Only a few of these whimsy and wonderfully cute wreaths are left in stock!

IMG_1796Designer Flower Center is known for its ribbons! All Christmas Ribbon 40% off!! Unbelievable quality for unbelievable prices! Yard for yard DFC’s ribbon prices are unbeatable! All the things you’re look for in holiday and everyday ribbon: Great Quality! Great selection of styles and patterns that you can mix and match for a customize and personalize your decorating and wrapping needs! Knowledgeable staff to assist you in your selections! And best price per yard! Get the ribbon that the professionals use!

IMG_1807DFC’s Holiday Clearance is 70% off! Great items that are one of a kind at AMAZINGLY low prices! Shop the clearance section to find some great hidden treasures.

DFC Ornaments are hand-crafted and uniquely one of a kind. You’ll love the little details and charm of each and every one of our specialty ornaments. Get ornaments for your tree, or gifts for next year all at 40% off!
IMG_1757 IMG_1754Save $500 on this life-size high back Santa Sleigh in candy red! Quantities are limited, so hurry in before it’s too late to save 50% off on this amazing statement piece! Can be disassembled for easy storage.
IMG_1808See you on the 26th!!Untitled 2

Gift Baskets Ready To Go

If you are looking for a great gift basket look no further than right here at DFC! We have the perfectly packaged gift for anyone on your list. We’ve taken care of the packaging to save you time this busy holiday season! Our gift baskets are unique and one of a kind…you won’t find a duplicate basket anywhere else! It is filled with our specialty items such as our new line of sweet treats, or gorgeous Park Hill Collection pieces! The recipient of these baskets will love it all, from first sight right down to the gifts inside!

giftbaskets1Each basket is wrapped with our premium, high quality cellophane and finished off with some of our gorgeous designer ribbons. Some are even embellished with an ornament or holly for a very custom look! These baskets come at some great prices as well! Just think of how much you will save on packaging materials and time!
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All Christmas On Sale

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Although we are known for our Christmas decor and inspiration during the holidays, DFC is also a great place to find the perfect gift for someone you love! Are you still looking for the perfect gifts to give? We’ve got a gift idea that everyone will love! Since lanterns are so popular and trendy right now, it’s the perfect gift that will fit just about anyone’s taste and style. It will fit in a variety of home interior styles so you’ll be sure they will love it! We have a variety of styles, and sizes to choose from and don’t forget to pick up a remote controlled, battery operated candle to go inside of it and complete the look!IMG_1764IMG_1778

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 8.36.45 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 8.36.19 PMThese lanterns are top quality and beautiful! It’s a simple, quick gift that anyone will be sure to love!

Hurry in for all of your last minute Holiday Decor and Gift needs!

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Outdoor Holiday Decorating

Now that you’ve trimmed the tree, and decorated the banister and mantel with garland it’s time to start thinking about outdoor decorating. We’re not talking about hanging lights and you’re done. No, we’re talking about front door wreaths or swags, ribbon treatments on your outdoor lanterns, even hanging clustered ornaments from your awnings! We’ve included some photographs from some of the homes we’ve decorated this year and in years past to give you some great outdoor decorating inspiration! Since ribbon treatments are a great way to decorate the outside of your home, be sure to shop our ribbon sale–ONE WEEK ONLY!Untitled 6set 1

We are always trying to find new and interesting ways to take holiday decorating to the next level! When it comes to your front door, most people go with a traditional wreath but you could also choose to decorate your front door with a swag or two, if you have double doors! We like to keep the same color scheme going from the moment your guest arrive at the front door and draw it all the way in to your entry way and possibly the living room or even the entire house. Mae has done some beautiful work with front door wreaths and swag, we just couldn’t resist sharing them with all of our customers! 


We love ribbon treatment, and we know you do too! So why not embellish your outdoor lanterns with some beautiful ribbon treatments to make the outdoors of your home match the festiveness of the inside! You can pick up some of DFC’s outdoor velvet red ribbon to keep your bows looking very traditional, or you can choose a variety of ribbons to match your indoor color scheme! A great ribbon to use outside that will sparkle from day to night, is our Diamond Lumei Mesh Ribbon! It is one of our top selling ribbons for holiday decorating and your company will see it driving up from the street, it’s that brilliant! Add some pine branches or ornament balls to your ribbon treatments for an even more festive design!
IMG_1737-XLIMG_6209-XLIMG_1735-XLIMG_1736-XLIMG_6177-XLDon’t stop there! You can even add clustered ornament balls to the awnings of your front door, balcony or terrace. We’ve even done hanging ornament balls in courtyards and patios! The possibilities are endless, let yourself be inspired and get creative with it! IMG_6004-XLIMG_6020-XL2009_11_ 21 162-XLWe’ve also done some great outdoor garland treatments for a patio or front door walk up!12-05 CHILDRENS HOSPITAL HOME TOUR 105-XL12-05 CHILDRENS HOSPITAL HOME TOUR 001-XL

Untitled 7map

Shop Designer Flower Center for unique and specialty items that are hard to find anywhere else!

Garland Sale

When it comes to garland treatments, they can be hung just about anywhere and they will make your home look absolutely gorgeous! We have done some fabulous garlands in the past when designing for the holidays, so we thought we’d share some of those designs with you to inspire and delight! We also have some more great tips for designing your own garlands, as well as the do’s and don’ts for hanging your garlands in your home! Plus, Garlands are now on sale until December 14th!Untitled 5

How much ribbon? And how to run ribbon through a garland…

  • For a 9 foot garland you will need 10 yards of ribbon. 
  • Take your ribbon at the 5 yard mark. (You can find the middle by unrolling the spool and folding it in half.)
  • Meet the 5 yard mark/middle of the ribbon with the middle point of the length of the garland. Twist the ribbon into the garland using two branches.
  • Then, move to one of the very ends of the garland and twist the ribbon into the garland, leaving a tail. Do this at both ends of the garland before tying down the middle parts. You should only have ribbon twisted into the garland in three places at this point: the middle, and two ends. This ensures that you end up running the ribbon throughout the entire garland evenly using all 10 yards. 
  • Twist in the rest of the ribbon in a pattern: side, middle, other side. It’s sort of a zig zag pattern. This ensures that the ribbon is evenly dispersed and looks beautiful from all angles. So not matter if you are looking at the top or bottom it will give the illusion that the ribbon is running through the entire garland. 

Adding Ornaments to a Garland…
There are a few different ways you can go about placing ornaments in your garland…

  1. If you want the primary focal point of the garland to be the middle, you can place all of your ornaments in the middle portion of the garland, with the ends and/or corners being accents. (For example: The garland in the picture just above.)
  2. If you would like to have ornaments throughout the entire length of the garland a good way to place your ornaments, as well as plan how many to buy, is to divide your garland into 3 foot sections. Set a pattern for the length of the 3 foot section, and repeat it 3 times. (For example: The garland pictured below.)
  3. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Expand the overall look of the garland. The picture below draws your eye upward, to the top of the candles, all the way to the lowest hanging ornament. Your eye does not just see a narrow garland running across the mantel, but instead it has expanded into a 6 foot span. When adding candles for height in your design, bring the pine/greenery up as well with the candles and the garland. It really brings the look together, like it is all one piece. (The 3M hooks in this picture were used to hang a wreath, which the candlesticks frame, also tying together and completing the look.)
  4. Hanging ornaments with fishline and draping beaded garlands from your garland and mantel, really highlight the ornaments instead of the pine. This is a great way to showcase your most prized or delicate ornaments, instead of hiding them in the tree. 
  5. Hanging stockings can be challenging when you have a beautiful garland also hanging on your mantel. A great tip for this is to use 3M hooks to hang the stockings. Attach them to the fireplace and use coordinating ribbons to hang the stockings from the hooks. It will look like the stockings are hanging from the garland but they are really hanging from the mantel. The hooks are removable and you can also use them to securely hang the garland on the mantel. 

Hanging Garlands on a Staircase…

Here are a few tips for hanging a beautiful garland on your staircase or railing.

  • To figure out how long your garland needs to be, measure the length of the of the railing.
  • If you want your garland to run across the top of the railing, you will need the same length as the actual measurement of the railing.
  • If you want your garland to dip, you will need 2 to 2.5 times the amount of the actual measurement of the railing.
  • For a lit garland, always be sure to plug it in before you hang your garland, to make sure all of the lights are still working properly.
  • Also for a lit garland, always double check which end of the garland has the correct end of the cord you will need to plug into the wall. You don’t want to get it up and not be able to plug it in because the correct cord is on the opposite end.
  • Bring the ends of the garland all the way down to the floor, this makes it easier to reach the wall outlet in order to plug it in, and it will also hide the outlet and plug.

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