Outdoor Holiday Decorating

Now that you’ve trimmed the tree, and decorated the banister and mantel with garland it’s time to start thinking about outdoor decorating. We’re not talking about hanging lights and you’re done. No, we’re talking about front door wreaths or swags, ribbon treatments on your outdoor lanterns, even hanging clustered ornaments from your awnings! We’ve included some photographs from some of the homes we’ve decorated this year and in years past to give you some great outdoor decorating inspiration! Since ribbon treatments are a great way to decorate the outside of your home, be sure to shop our ribbon sale–ONE WEEK ONLY!Untitled 6set 1

We are always trying to find new and interesting ways to take holiday decorating to the next level! When it comes to your front door, most people go with a traditional wreath but you could also choose to decorate your front door with a swag or two, if you have double doors! We like to keep the same color scheme going from the moment your guest arrive at the front door and draw it all the way in to your entry way and possibly the living room or even the entire house. Mae has done some beautiful work with front door wreaths and swag, we just couldn’t resist sharing them with all of our customers! 


We love ribbon treatment, and we know you do too! So why not embellish your outdoor lanterns with some beautiful ribbon treatments to make the outdoors of your home match the festiveness of the inside! You can pick up some of DFC’s outdoor velvet red ribbon to keep your bows looking very traditional, or you can choose a variety of ribbons to match your indoor color scheme! A great ribbon to use outside that will sparkle from day to night, is our Diamond Lumei Mesh Ribbon! It is one of our top selling ribbons for holiday decorating and your company will see it driving up from the street, it’s that brilliant! Add some pine branches or ornament balls to your ribbon treatments for an even more festive design!
IMG_1737-XLIMG_6209-XLIMG_1735-XLIMG_1736-XLIMG_6177-XLDon’t stop there! You can even add clustered ornament balls to the awnings of your front door, balcony or terrace. We’ve even done hanging ornament balls in courtyards and patios! The possibilities are endless, let yourself be inspired and get creative with it! IMG_6004-XLIMG_6020-XL2009_11_ 21 162-XLWe’ve also done some great outdoor garland treatments for a patio or front door walk up!12-05 CHILDRENS HOSPITAL HOME TOUR 105-XL12-05 CHILDRENS HOSPITAL HOME TOUR 001-XL

Untitled 7map

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