Spring Cleaning!

Hello and Happy Monday to you all!

Over here at Designer Flower Center we are doing a little bit of Spring cleaning.  Out with the old and in with the new, we are busy dusting, painting, and even building in our show room!  There are always big changes happening here but Spring seems to be one of our favorites!  The colors get brighter, a lot of walls get new coats of paint and we are going above and beyond by building new walls and “upcycling”  what we already have.

Come on in and check out all the new changes and new displays!

dfcnewwallHere is the crew painting and building one of our new walls!  The warehouse has been expanded so we now have more room for displays and awesome product!

IMG_0099These new shelves are ready to be filled with NEW product!

dfchangingproductLeann is directing Rick on where to hang the next piece…”A little more to the left”


Don’t these new tulips look so real!  These beauties just arrived!

IMG_0095New wall hooks freshly hung!  Come on in to check them out!

IMG_0094Lovely farm table full of new bread!  Did you know that almost all our furniture in the store is for sale! Yep, they are not just for display! These beautiful pieces are unique and a great buy!

newdfcdispWe have many new displays we are so excited for you guys to see, hurry in for a first hand look at everything new and upcycled at DFC!



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