2 new sales and a Save the Date!!!

Good Afternoon!

Today I’m writing this blog outside on my patio and I am totally enjoying this warm Spring time weather.  Not to hot, not to cold…just right!  I’m excited to share with you guys what we are putting on sale for the next two weeks.  They are customer favorites and always a big hit!

First up are our topiaries!  We are putting ALL our topiaries on sale; large, small, table top, every single one of them are on sale NOW until May 3, 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.08.12 PM

We have all different size topiaries, small ones that fit on your table top,  large ones that would make a bold statement at the entrance of your home and all sizes in-between!


The small table top topiaries would look darling on the dining table for Mother’s day brunch, don’t you think?  you could get some colored sheer ribbon and tie a cute bow on them!


We love our spiral boxwood topiaries! They stand at 4 1/2 and 6′ and prices ranging from $140-$255. They look great adorning an entry way or even your mantle, and the best part…They never need to be watered! They can be dressed up for any time of the year by simply adding ribbon!


Our second amazing sale we are having for two weeks is all our

21 inch x 10 yard Geomesh is 50% OFF…yes you read right! 50% OFF!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.30.24 PM

Geomesh is a great way to add texture, volume and color to anything and anywhere!  It looks great made into wreaths, adds great texture and color to a staircase and great over a fireplace!


As you can see we have a huge variety of colors!  Geomesh is great for birthday parties, Mother’s day, dressing up tables and decorating for formal dances, pretty much anything you can think of!


Both great sales will be going on for two weeks, and end on May 3, 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.58.02 PM


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