Big Summer Blowout Continues!!!




We have so much going on here at DFC!  We are having a HUGE SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE that is going on until July 3rd! WOW what a big long sale huh!
Today we are featuring flowers, greenery, berries and fruit!

We have a ginormous selection of flowers and from now until July 3rd
they are on sale for  40%-70% OFF!  Stock up now for that wedding that is right around the corner, the party you will be planning soon or so you have some beautiful flowers that will last forever
around your home or office!

flowers PhotoGrid_1402936928254

Greenery is an awesome addition to your floral arrangements, in a beautiful container in your home and office and it’s on sale!! Now until July 3rd all greenery is on sale 40%-70% Off!



Fruits, berries and veggies are also on sale until July 3rd and they are on sale 40%-70% OFF!  They look so awesome in a nice bowl sitting in the center of the kitchen table, or on the counter!  Come on in and see what fruit we have!


We have a lot of item on sale right now until July 3rd!  Come on in!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.09.04 AM


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