Park Hill “Table top for your home” Sale!


How is everyone loving our Park Hill Sales?  We are now entering our 3rd Park Hill sale and you guys will definitely love this one! This blog is full of great photos, so enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.08.45 AM


This sale has so many different amazing items!  willow wrap soy candles, antique gold picture frames, measuring tapes, scissors, preserved boxwood topiaries and spheres, tons of kitchenware items like butter dish, salt jar, cheese labels, the list goes on and on and on!! It’s an amazing sale, we have never had one quite like it!  Hurry on in and see what we got!

kitchenware sale

Aren’t all these “throw-back” kitchen items awesome! and at 40% OFF thats a steal!  The boxed items at the top right make great gifts and groomsmen presents!


The infamous  Park Hill candles are also part of the sale!  They make amazing gifts and smell SO good!



The soap dishes above are a big hit here at DFC and now that they are 40% OFF they are sure to be flying out of the store!  They are great by all sinks and perfect for any farm enthusiast!


Untitled 2

The chalkboard signs are popular not only in your home but they are great for special events.  They are wonderful for marking food and drinks!  On sale for 40% OFF until July 28th!candles phgarden1The 3 tray garden is also 40% OFF!

kitchen1 gifts1

These great antique-like trinkets are beautiful!  They are included in the 40% OFF sale.  They make great presents!

This awesome sale ends July 28th, so hurry in and snag up these great items!


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